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  • 7F  Shoun (sky lounge)
  • 6F  Aster Floor: One Honored Guest Room, two Special Rooms, and seven Guest Rooms
  • 5F  Lapis Lazuli Floor: 14 Guest Rooms
  • 4F  Rubia Floor: 14 Guest Rooms
  • 3F  Kerria Floor: 14 Guest Rooms
  • 2F  Shirogane (restaurant with individual rooms/large banquet hall)
  • 1F  Front lobby, shop, Takahama (coffee lounge), Kogane (large banquet hall)
  • B1F  Okesa Hall (theater hall), Ondeko (snack bar), Okesa Yokocho (restaurant), karaoke facility

Building information

Building information
Takahama (coffee lounge)
Ondeko (snack bar)
Okesa Yokocho (restaurant)
Shoun (sky lounge)
Okesa Hall (theater hall)

Sado performing arts

Sado folk music! Held regularly

Sado folk music

After dinner, guests can enjoy a Sado folk music show introducing three famous folk songs.
(Held regularly from early May to late October; please inquire for other periods.)

Ondeko drum show Limited time onlyOndeko drum show

Limited-time performances are held of ondeko drumming, the most popular traditional performing art from Sado.
(Please inquire for information about dates.)

*Non-staying guests may watch for a fee of 500 yen. *Performances in the banquet rooms are also available (separate charges apply).

About the Sado Museum 20% discount for guests staying at Yahatakan

This museum teaches visitors about Sado through displays of materials on a wide range of subjects, including Sado's nature, culture, history, and arts.
Contact information: 0259-52-2447

Sado Museum