The history of Yahatakan

Yahatakan is located in Yahata, the Mano region (the central part of Sado) – an ideal location for sightseeing. Surrounded by vast forests of Japanese red pine, this ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) features a combination of modern facilities and relaxing, Japanese-style guest rooms.
Please visit us to enjoy relaxing in our rotenburo (open-air baths) and large hot spring baths with views of the Japanese red pine garden.

December 1950 Company formation registration was completed on December 12.
August 1951 Business began on August 12 with an area of 44,177 square meters, 19 guest rooms, and a capacity of 80 people.
May 1952 Became a government-registered international tourism ryokan according to the Act on Development of Hotels for Inbound Tourists – the first such ryokan in Niigata. (The first hotel was the Imperial Hotel, and the first ryokan was Ryotei Kamome in Nagoya.)
July 1956 The Crown Prince (currently Emperor Akihito) stayed at Yahatakan.
June 1964 Emperor Hirohito and Empress Kojun visited the island for the 19th National Sports Festival and stayed at Yahatakan.
January 1970 Yahatakan was remodeled and expanded to 46 guest rooms with a capacity of 300 people.
March 1978 The hot spring was excavated to flow up from 1,000 meters below the ground.
The water quality of this weak saline hot spring is effective for rheumatism, motive organ disorders, and women's diseases.
March 1988 The Main Building was constructed, and the Shofuen was remodeled, bringing
Yahatakan to its current total of 108 guest rooms with a capacity of 430 people.
June 1992 Prince and Princess Akishino visited the island and stayed at Yahatakan.
March 1998 The large hot spring baths were remodeled, and the rotenburo (open-air baths) were opened.
September 2008 Prince and Princess Akishino visited the island and stayed at Yahatakan.
November 2009 Prince and Princess Takamado visited the island and stayed at Yahatakan.

Yahatakan has served an important role by welcoming many prominent figures and members of the Imperial Household to Sado Island.